Our academic advisors would provide general advice to students on study plan, course selection and study methods. You may contact the advisor of your programme for advices.

Academic Advisors (Undergraduate Programmes)

Programmes Advisors Contact
Bachelor of Science in Accounting Specialization in Professional Accountancy Prof. Desmond YUEN desmondyemail2
(853) 8822 4752
Specialization in Accounting and Information Systems Prof. Zhaotong LIAN lianztemail2
(853) 8822 4163
Bachelor of Science in Finance Specialization in Corporate Finance Prof. Adrian LEI adrianlemail2
(853) 8822 4162
Specialization in Investment Management
Specialization in Financial Engineering
Specialization in Banking
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Gaming Management /
Bachelor of Science in International Integrated Resort Management
Specialization in Convention and Hospitality Management Prof. Rose LIU
Prof. Desmond LAM
(853) 8822 4746
(853) 8822 8891
Specialization in Gaming Management
Bachelor of Business Administration General Business Studies Dr. Henry LEI henryleiemail2
(853) 8822 4717
Major in Business Economics Prof. Xinhua GU xhguemail2
(853) 8822 4171
Major in Business Economics with specialization in Service Economics
Major in Financial Controllership Prof. Desmond YUEN desmondyemail2
(853) 8822 4752
Prof. Xinhua GU xhguemail2
(853) 8822 4171
Major in Global Business Management Dr. Javier Calero CUERVO jcuervoemail2
(853) 8822 4721
Major in Human Resource Management Prof. Rico LAM ricolamemail2
(853) 8822 8883
Major in Marketing Dr. Joseph Adea SY-CHANGCO josephsemail2
(853) 8822 4662
Major in Marketing with specialization in Retail and Services Marketing