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The Department of Management and Marketing is a forward-looking department within the Faculty of Business Administration. We offer a wide range of undergraduate, master and PhD level courses including those relating to global business, human resources, and marketing management. These courses are designed to prepare our students for a lasting and successful career in either profit seeking or non-profit organizations anywhere in the world. To broaden their perspectives, some of our students undertake exchange programmes with our partner universities worldwide.

Our faculty comes from diverse backgrounds and countries, many with practical and relevant international work experiences. They have published in top international scholarly journals including Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, and Journal of International Marketing.

We have an active PhD programme with specialization in management or marketing. Click here to learn more about our PhD programme.


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Department of Management and Marketing – Department Officers
<strong>Prof. <strong>Rico </strong>Long Wai LAM</strong>
Prof. Rico Long Wai LAMHead of Department of Management and Marketing
Office: E22-2061
Tel: (853) 8822 8883
Email: ricolamemail2
<strong>Prof. Matthew Ting Chi LIU</strong>
Prof. Matthew Ting Chi LIUActing Associate Head of Department of Management and Marketing
Office: E22-2060
Tel: (853) 8822 8884
Email: matthewlemail2
<strong>Dr. Javier Calero CUERVO</strong>
Dr. Javier Calero CUERVOProgramme Coordinator of Global Business Management
Office: E22-2064
Tel: (853) 8822 4721
Email: jcuervoemail2
<strong>Dr. Joseph Adea SY-CHANGCO</strong>
Dr. Joseph Adea SY-CHANGCOProgramme Coordinator of Marketing
Office: E22-2063
Tel: (853) 8822 4662
Email: josephsemail2
Ms. Michelle Lai San KUANDepartment Secretary
Office: E22-2072
Tel: (853) 8822 4649
Email: michellekuanemail2
Name and Title Contact Research Interest
ricolam2 Prof. Rico Long Wai LAM
Professor in Management
Acting Associate Dean (Research & Development) of
Faculty of Business Administration
Head of Department of Management and Marketing
Room: E22-2061
Phone: (853) 8822 8883
Email: ricolamemail2
  • Strategic Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Retail Management
raymondlao Prof. Raymond Chi Ho LOI
Professor in Management
Room: E22-2047
Phone: (853) 8822 8890
Email: rloiemail2
  • Organizational Justice
  • Organizational Exchanges
  • Leadership
  • International Human
    Resource Management
anitachan Prof. Anita Ka Wai CHAN
Associate Professor in Management
Room: E22-2048
Phone: (853) 8822 8889
Email: anitakwcemail2
  • Attachment Theory
  • Trust
  • Positive Psychological Capital
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Dirty Work
  • Identification
  • Relational Demography
  • Conflict Management Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Gaming Studies
joannechan Prof. Joanne Sow Hup CHAN
Associate Professor in Management
Room: E22-2069
Phone: (853) 8822 4749
Email: joannecemail2
  • Burnout
  • Hospitality
  • Job Attitudes
  • Organizational Communication
  • Micro and Small Business
  • Work/Life Balance
lindachen Prof. Linda Xiaoyun CHEN
Associate Professor in Management
Room: E22-2058
Phone: (853) 8822 8863
Email: xychenemail2
  • Organizational Learning and
  • Strategic Orientations
jackyhong Prof. Jacky Fok Loi HONG
Associate Professor in Management
Programme Director of the Master of Business
Administration Programme (MBA)
Room: E22-1053
Phone: (853) 8822 4709
Email: fbaflhemail2
  • Organizational Learning
  • Knowledge Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Management of Chinese
lucylin Prof. Lucy Xiaowan LIN
Associate Professor in Management
Room: E22-2065
Phone: (853) 8822 4713
Email: lucylinemail2
  • Organizational Justice and
    Justice Climate
  • Motivation
  • Voice Behavior
  • Multilevel Study
kongsiewhuat Prof. Siew Huat KONG
Associate Professor in Management
Room: E22-1060
Phone: (853) 8822 4708
Email: shkongemail2
  • Quality Management
  • Organizational Culture
jenniferlai Prof. Jennifer Yuen Man LAI
Associate Professor in Management
Room: E22-2057
Phone: (853) 8822 4712
Email: jlaiemail2
  • Organizational Citizenship Behavior
  • Dirty Work
  • Job Stress
wujie Prof. Warren Jie WU
Associate Professor in Management
Room: E22-2059
Phone: (853) 8822 8887
Email: jiewuemail2
  • Emerging Market Firms’
  • Knowledge Search
  • Alliances and Product Innovation
  • Institution-based View
  • Resource/Capabilities View
  • A behavioral Theory of Firm
  • Managerial Networking
yuanlin Prof. Iris Lin YUAN
Associate Professor in Management
Room: E22-2044
Phone: (853) 8822 4702
Email: linyuanemail2
  • Internationalization Strategies
    of Chinese MNCs
  • Strategy in Emerging Markets
  • International Entrepreneurship
    of Chinese Firms
jaivercuervo Dr. Javier Calero CUERVO
Assistant Professor in Management
Programme Coordinator of Global Business
Room: E22-2064
Phone: (853) 8822 4721
Email: jcuervoemail2
  • International Business Studies
  • Construction / Real Estate
    Business and Industry Studies
udanizenon Dr. Zenon Arthur Siloran UDANI
Assistant Professor in Management
Room: E22-2074
Phone: (853) 8822 4655
Email: zudaniemail2
  • Management & Workplace
  • Gratitude and Management
  • Training & Development/
    Workplace Learning &
  • Servant Leadership
  • Regional Human Resource
    Development Policy & Strategy
  • Overseas Filipino Workers
  • Talent Management & the War
    for Talent
  • Business Ethics & Virtue Ethics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Social Adjustment of Expatriates
lidazhang Dr. Lida Lingling ZHANG
Assistant Professor in Management
Room: E22-2071
Phone: (853) 8822 4161
Email: lidazhangemail2
  • Team Processes and Effectiveness
  • Team Diversity and Relational
  • Identity Orientation
  • Social Identity Theory
gordonkerr Mr. Gordon James KERR
Senior Instructor in Management
Room: E22-1055
Phone: (853) 8822 8864
Email: gkerremail2
  • Leadership and Educational
    Management in Asia
  • Globalization Issues
  • Language Learning and Teaching
  • Teacher Training Business
  • Mass Media
  • Leadership Styles
  • Motivation Theory
  • Transformation of Company
  • Profit Sharing
  • Business Ethics
  • Cross Cultural Communication
kimkuok Dr. Kim Oi Mei KUOK
Senior Instructor in Management
Room: E22-2049
Phone: (853) 8822 4701
Email: fbaomkemail2
  • Work and Life Stress
  • Expatriation
  • Cross-cultural Adjustment
  • Recruitment and Selection
yukomoody Ms. Yuko MATSUMOTO-MOODY
Senior Instructor in Management
Room: E22-1052
Phone: (853) 8822 8876
Email: yukomemail2
  • Interpersonal and Intercultural
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Language and Ethnic Identity
carrymak Ms. Carry Ka Yee MAK
Senior Instructor in Management
Room: E22-2077
Phone: (853) 8822 4710
Email: carrymakemail2
clementchow2 Prof. Clement Siu Fung CHOW
Associate Professor in Marketing
Room: E22-2070
Phone: (853) 8822 4705
Email: sfchowemail2
  • Consumer Satisfaction and
  • Buying Decision Process
  • Channel of Distribution
  • Branding Strategy
  • Green Consumerism
cherischow Prof. Cheris Wing Chi CHOW
Associate Professor in Marketing
Room: E22-2051
Phone: (853) 8822 8869
Email: cheriscemail2
  • Service Marketing
  • Cross-Cultural Advertising
  • Consumer Behavior and
    Advertising Management
Prof. Matthew Ting Chi LIU
Associate Professor in Marketing
Acting Associate Head of Department of Management and
Head of General Education Implementation
Room: E22-2060
Phone: (853) 8822 8884
Email: matthewlemail2
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Brand Endorser Strategy
  • Political Marketing
  • Gaming/Casino Research
cpornpit2 Prof. Chanthika PORNPITAKPAN
Associate Professor in Marketing
Room: E22-1054
Phone: (853) 8822 4706
Email: cpornpitemail2
  • Cross-Cultural Consumer
  • Cultural Adaptation in Doing
  • Advertising Effects
  • Persuasion
  • Consumers’ Information
  • Packaging Effects
  • Services Marketing
  • Personality Assessments
isabelfu Dr. Isabel Siu Fong FU
Assistant Professor in Marketing
Room: E22-2068
Phone: (853) 8822 8893
Email: isabelfuemail2
  • Brand Management in China
  • Retailing Marketing in China
  • Services Marketing in China
  • Advertising and Persuasion Effects
graceho Dr. Grace Ying HO
Assistant Professor in Marketing
Room: E22-1056
Phone: (853) 8822 4670
Email: yinghoemail2
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Service Marketing
  • Cross-cultural Marketing
  • Affect and Emotion
lancymac Dr. Lancy Vai Iun MAC
Assistant Professor in Marketing
Faculty Coordinator of Honours College
Room: E22-1051
Phone: (853) 8822 4758
Email: lancymacemail2
  • Role of Marketing
  • Marketing Performance
  • Marketing Strategies of
    Chinese Firms
  • Marketing Driving Firms
josephs Dr. Joseph Adea SY-CHANGCO
Assistant Professor in Marketing
Programme Coordinator of Marketing
Room: E22-2063
Phone: (853) 8822 4662
Email: josephsemail2
  • Export Marketing
  • Organizational Learning
  • Consumer Behavior in the
    Asia Pacific Region

Our Gallery

20170106_104907-300 20170106_105103-300 20170106_105331-300
Visit of the City University of Hong Kong Global Business Faculty Members and Students (Jan 6, 2017)


DSC_0135-300 DSC_0139-300 DSC_0150-300
Prof. Rico LAM, Head of Department of Management and Marketing, gave a talk on strategy and innovation at MGM Macau (July 18, 2016)


20160606_1_300 20160606_2_300 20160606_3_300
Prof. Elizabeth GEORGE and Prof. Prithviraj CHATTOPADHYAY of HKUST gave a research talk on geographically dissimilar teams (June 6, 2016)


20160505-01-300 20160505-02-300 20160505-03-300
20160505-04-300 20160505-05-300 20160505-06-300
The first Mini Doctoral Conference of Management Research (May 5, 2016)


20160413-01-300 20160413-02-300 20160413-03-300
3rd Star of Sales Competition organized by the Marketing Society (April 13, 2016)


37843481043730224-300 486496154525023526-300
Prof. Kevin ZHOU of HKU gave a talk on conducting strategy research in China (March 31, 2016)


Sharing given by Dr. Javier CUERVO, FBA Sharing given by Prof. Matthew Liu, FBA Sharing given by Dr. Joanne CHAN, FBA
Q & A session moderated by Prof. Rico LAM, FBA Sharing by UM students Group photo
Group photo
Introducing FBA bachelor programmes to teachers and students of Yuet Wah College (March 12, 2016)


20160119-01-300-1 20160119-02-300 20160119-03-300
20160119-04-300 20160119-05-300 20160119-06-300
Prof. Larry Farh, Chair Professor of Management of HKUST, delivered a presentation on Chinese Leadership Research in the last three decades
(January 19, 2016)


201511XX03 201511XX02 201511XX01
201511XX06 201511XX05 201511XX04
 DREAMCATCHERS Workshop on ENTREPRENEURSHIP (November 27, 2015)


Prof. Chan Kalok met with faculty members and students of Global Business Management (Nov. 13, 2015) Prof. Chan Kalok met with faculty members and students of Global Business Management (Nov. 13, 2015)
Prof. Kalok CHAN, Dean of CUHK Business School, met with faculty members and students of
Global Business Management (November 13, 2015)