The Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) seeks to establish a solid reputation as a centre for business, management, and administration education. It has a full-time and part-time complement of qualified people teaching in the areas of accounting, electronic business, business economics, finance, international integrated resort management, global business management, human resource management, financial controllership, marketing and quantitative methods. In general terms, and within the context of the aims, goals and objectives of the advanced education sector as defined by the Government of Macau, the mission of the FBA may be stated as follows:

“Our mission is to develop and apply business knowledge through research and to disseminate knowledge through interactions with students, faculty members, industry, and other key stakeholders. Through our programs we develop professionals in traditional and emerging areas of business, and for the international integrated resort industry. We contribute to, and provide leadership for, the economic development of Macau and beyond.”


The specific objectives of FBA are as follows:

  • To offer a balanced range of full-time and part-time and part-time courses in business, management and administrative studies, and training extending from the certificate level to the graduate level;
  • To offer a balanced range of short courses and seminars in a variety of business, management, and administrative areas to develop and enhance the knowledge and skills of the FBA service area, with special emphasis on the Macau community;
  • To ensure that learning takes place in ways that develop motivation, critical, analytical and creative thinking, and constructive use of skills in practical situations;
  • To provide opportunities and facilities for staff and students to develop academic and professional interests;
  • To supply opportunities and facilities for research to staff and students;
  • To develop close links with industry, business, government, and business-related professionals so as enhance the relevance of the work and experience of staff and students;
  • To create and develop a caring, informed, participative, and innovative faculty and student community; and
  • To meet through these various course offerings the present and likely future needs and aspirations of the students and participants who enroll and attend, especially those from Macau.